A little bit about me

Impacting the community

Please check out my non-profit organization, Learning Spaces. It focuses on educating the under-privileged through various initiatives so they could combat inequality with knowledge.

Aarav Chandra

Brain enthusiast, Co-founder Learning Spaces and Virtual Tutoring Center, and Martial Artist

I am Aarav Chandra and I am a high school student in San Diego. I have a lot of interests in life ranging from Neuroscience to golf, math to guitar and taekwondo to teaching. I have enjoyed teaching whether it is math to middle school students at San Diego or Latin to some of my classmate or reading and writing to students in rural India. My passion is to learn and then teach others what I have learned. When I see the joy on the faces of students I teach, it gives me a feeling of exhilaration!

I find the brain to be the most fascinating of all things. I also believe that our brains can do a lot more than we are able to see. Cracking that down one by one would be thrilling to me. It is with that interest in mind I started this personal blog of mine. Here I would like to explore about anything and everything related to the brain. My long-term goal in life is to be able to find cures for brain disorders and help people suffering from diseases and disorders stemming from the brain. 

When I was very small, I saw a teenager on a wheelchair. Later, I found out that he had Down’s Syndrome. That snapshot is still etched in my memory. He could not communicate with his father and that moved me. Since then, I have been thinking of how to help such people and thus my interest in brain started!